Deciding which field or fields you will focus your +4 years of higher education studies can be challenging. In relation to educational resources regarding Data Science, “bootcamps” are at the top of a long list of options. Traditionally very long and intensive bootcamps tend to fall anywhere in the range of $10,000 — +$100,000 per course adding even more confounding variables to making a decision. With those factors in mind the decision to study in a bootcamp was not the challenging one personally; it was instead choosing which discipline to study that took me the longest amount of time.


Whether we realize it or not every time we make decisions online ranging from website browsing to idling on a webpage, we are serving up data. Learning this information can be jarring, especially with some of the recent phenomena surrounding mass data–breaches. It would be misleading to say that these collectors are not using this personal information, though it may be comforting to learn exactly how.

The first thing that I want to clarify is the truth to a common misconception; companies are almost always not using your information against you. …

There is no doubt that Python has become one of the premier programming languages operating under open–source guidelines. If you were anything like I was pre–programming, Python sounded more like an animal than a coding platform. Thinking back to the time I spent pre–Data Science and pre–Python, there are a few questions that I would have been much better off finding the answer to then.

  1. What is ‘Python’ and how do I know if I need to learn it?

Python is an open–sourced programming language that can be used for operations as complex as image recognition, deep learning, and machine…

Christopher Volpacchio

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